Heidi (parent)

“Hartley is more decisive as a result of taking part in D&D.  The fact that that he is constantly strategizing has made him more confident in his ability to make decisions on the spot.  Additionally, his writing abilities have greatly improved as he now develops his characters with great thought and clarity and uses much more description throughout his narratives.  
Hartley receives a fantastic sense of adventure while playing D&D.  He has a greater level of confidence in his skill to take initiative and control over his actions.  He also notices that he has a more active and aware mind after the class since he is making choices constantly.  All in all, D&D with Zach has been a great adventure for Hartley.  The focus and effort that is put towards the development of his character has deepened his awareness of himself and his ability to articulate this in his writing and imaginative play both at home and at school.  In an age where devices have taken over we have been privileged to find a program that both honors and endorses the deep reservoir of the human imagination.” – Heidi Bassett-Blair (mother of Hartley age 12)