Glenn (administrator)

“I have worked with Zach closely over the past three years and appreciate his dedication to integrate academia, Mindfulness, peer-to-peer training and life-skills into role-playing games.

Former Green School English and Mindfulness teacher Zachary Reznichek has been expanding his role-playing game syllabus that he brought to our High School students two years ago. Just this semester, as an independent educator and researcher he brought “Introduction to Role-playing: Dungeons and Dragons” back to Green School, but this time in Middle School (grades 6-8).

The results were great for the students and as a complement to our holistic curriculum. Students were working on finding confidence alone, feeling stronger together and as a team – sharing responsibility for common goals. Role-playing challenged students to take initiative, consider each other’s perspectives and collaborate in a game simulation where their characters would only survive by working together. The students had a blast: There was perfect attendance by all 12 students for the first five classes and 100% of them reported that they ‘liked learning how to play role-playing games‘.” – Glenn Chickering, Head of Upper School Green School Bali