Kickstarter Tabletop Campaign 1

Kickstarter Tabletop Campaign

Launching on IndieGoGo MARCH 24TH!


The Teacher-Gamer Handbook delivers a skillset framework of 36 life-skills for educators to facilitate limitless Role Playing Games experiences offscreen for learners 10 years and older. Includes a full-scale ready-to-play semester course of literacy driven lesson plans for 40+ hours of co-creative play.

We are heading to the presses with the first book in a series of Teacher-Gamer resources and need YOUR SUPPORT of this kickstarter tabletop campaign to get the book printed, distributed and in the hands of the empowered Teacher-Gamer!

Taacher-Gamer Handbook Cover

Details of the kickstarter tabletop resource made for teacher-gamers and crowdfunded through IndieGoGo:

  • The Handbook for Teacher-Gamers to set up and lead a skill-building curriculum. 
  • 10 Lesson plans based around 36 Life Skills
  • 21 Basic Skills leading to 15 Advanced
  • 12 phase character build – 4-10 hours
  • Curriculum style handbook for those that have a basic understanding of Dungeons and Dragons
  • Foundation references the hero’s journey and allows for the creativity of the Teacher Gamer
  • Pre-gaming, In-gaming, Out-gaming, Post-gaming Strategies
  • Early access to online Forum for Support
  • Stretch Goals for additional play materials

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