students at green school making game rules

The Teacher Gamer Revolution is happening on tabletops and
in online chat rooms everywhere

Role-Playing Classroom Games in Schools

Build literacy. Bolster confidence. Ignite imaginations.

Taacher-Gamer Handbook Cover


Imagine playing a highly complex narrative game with your classmates to collaboratively beat challenges as a character that you make up and play yourself where experiencing, processing and creatively reconciling with failure is one of the main teaching objectives?
  • 10 Lesson plans based around 36 Life Skills
  • 21 Basic Skills – 15 Advanced
  • 12 phase character build – 4-10 hours (1st 2.5 lesson plan) 
  • Pre-gaming , in-gaming, out-gaming, post-gaming strategies
  • Program builds upon itself and lays a foundation to build the more advanced skills. 
  • Curriculum style book for those that have a basic understanding of D&D. 
  • Foundation references the hero’s journey and allows for the creativity of the Teacher Gamer.

The Teacher-Gamer Handbook delivers a skillset framework of 36 life-skills for educators to facilitate limitless RPG classroom games in schools and offscreen experiences for learners 10 years and older. Includes a full-scale ready-to-play semester course of literacy driven lesson plans for 40+ hours of co-creative play.

We are heading to the presses with the first book in a series of Teacher-Gamer resources.

students at green school making game rules

Curriculum Highlights

  • Learning Outcomes
  • Creative Tools & Implicit Learning
  • Social Confidence
  • Makers’ Space
  • Students get a renewed relationship with their teacher by playing TOGETHER.
  • Walls break down and personality gets to shine through.
  • Safe environment to fail and bounce back.


“Our son Hartley has a greater level of confidence in his skill to take initiative and control over his actions. He also notices that he has a more active and aware mind after the class since he is making choices constantly.

The focus and effort that is put towards the development of his character has deepened his awareness of himself and his ability to articulate this in his writing and imaginative play both at home and at school.  

In an age where devices have taken over, we have been privileged to find a program that both honors and endorses the deep reservoir of the human imagination 

– Heidi (mother of Hartley age 12)

“It’s really interesting to adapt your play-style to your characters, especially as they sometimes contrast your own personality. Though the game is based around fantasy, you end up learning how to think realistically and critically. Honestly, my only complaint is that the classes don’t go on for longer. 

[classes are 4 hours long]”  

– Shanti (age 15)

Life. Skills. Adventure.